Working with Reports

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Creating a Title Page

Do you need a title page or cover sheet for your report? If you do, you can use the report's header to get it.

You can do it either of two ways. Either way, first put any text or graphics that should appear on your title page or cover sheet in the reportís header section. Then do one of the following:

Follow these steps to add a page break to your reportís header section:

  1. Click the Page Break button on the Toolbox toolbar.

  2. Click in the report header where the page break should go. The little dots that appear represent where Access will break the page when you print your report. If you decide to remove your page break later on, all you have to do is delete the little dots.

Or follow these steps to set the report headerís Force New Page property to After Section:

  1. RightĖclick the Report Header bar and select Properties from the shortcut menu.

  2. In the Properties dialog box, click the Format tab.

  3. Change the Force New Page property to After Section.

  4. Close the Properties dialog box.

When you print your report, Access will print the report header, then break the page, giving you your title page.

(Posted 03/24/2001)