Working with Tables

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Rearranging Fields in Datasheet View

You can drag and drop the fields in a Table or Query Datasheet view to arrange them in whatever order you want. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Select a column you want to move by left–clicking its header cell. (The header cell is the gray cell at the top of a column.)

  2. Left–click the cell again, but hold the mouse button down.

  3. Drag the column to the left or right, to its new position. As you drag, watch how Access highlights the left border of a column as you pass over it. The highlight indicates where Access will insert the column you're dragging when you drop it.

  4. Release the mouse button to drop the column in its new position.

(This procedure changes the order of fields for display only. It doesn't change the underlying table or query design.)

(Posted 01/21/01)