Working with Tables

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Using the “Create Table by Entering Data” Shortcut

For a quick, easy way to create a table, use the Create table by entering data shortcut in the Database window. Just double-click it, and Access will open a blank datasheet with ten empty fields.

You can begin entering data immediately, or you can edit the fields first.

Can’t wait to get started entering data? Go ahead and do it, then. As you work your way from field to field, Access will try to determine the appropriate data type, based on what you enter.

Make it easy for Access to choose the correct data type–be explicit in your data entry. Put currency symbols in fields when you want Access to choose the Currency data type; use the percent sign when you want the Number data type and Percent format; begin your entry with “http://” or “mailto:” when you want the Hyperlink data type; and use “Yes” and “No” in Yes/No fields.

(Posted 01/01/2001)