Working with Tables

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Using the Field Builder to Add Fields

The Table Wizard provides a quick, easy way to create a table with a standard set of fields. Say you need a table to keep track of names and addresses. The wizard’s Mailing List, Contacts, or Customers tables offer all the fields you’re likely to need. So why reinvent the wheel? Double–click the Create table by using wizard shortcut in the database window to launch the wizard, then follow the directions at the top of the Table Wizard window to create your table.

Whether you use the Table Wizard to create your table or not, you can add fields at any time by choosing them from the predefined fields the wizard offers. To do this, open your table in Design View, click any row in the Field Name column, and click the Build button on the Table Design toolbar. Follow the directions at the top of the Field Builder window to add a field. Repeat the procedure to add others.

Note that when you add fields from the Field Builder, the fields’ properties are already set. Feel free to change them to suit your requirements.

(Posted 01/01/2001)


“When we used the Field Builder to add phone number and Social Security number fields to a table we created recently, we were delighted to see that the Field Builder automatically created Input Masks for these fields.”