Working with Tables

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Does the Order of the Fields in a Table Really Matter?

No, the order of the fields in a table doesnít really matter. The purpose of a table, after all, is to store the data. To view data, use a query or a form. To enter data, use a form. When you create either, you can arrange the fields in any order you want.

Still, you should arrange the fields in your table in the order you would display them. Why? If you create an AutoForm or AutoReport, Access puts the fields in using the order in which they appear in the table. You can rearrange them, of course, but if the fields in your table are in the right order already, you won't have to rearrange anything.

If you use wizards to create your queries, forms, or reports, you donít have to worry about the order of the fields in your table, because you get to tell the wizard which fields you want and what their order should be. Just add the fields in the order you want them to appear. Same thing if you use the Design View to create a query, form, or report.

(Posted 01/01/2001)


ďAs a rule, you should avoid using your tables for entering or displaying your data. Use forms to enter data, and forms or queries to display it.Ē