Working with Tables

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What That Little Pencil in the Record Selector Means

The next time you enter a record (or make changes to an existing one) in a table or form, look over to the left and see if you don’t see a picture of a little pencil in the Record Selector, the box to the left of the first column in a table or the bar that runs down the left side of a form. That little pencil reminds you that you are entering or editing the current record, and that the changes you are making are not yet saved.

The Editing Icon (the "Little Pencil") as it appears in the Record Selector of a table (left) and a form.

The little pencil disappears as soon as you move off the current record. Take that as confirmation that Access has saved your new record, or the changes you made to an existing one.

(Posted 07/29/2001)


“To save a new record, or changes to an existing one, without moving to a new record, press Shift–Enter.”