Working with Graphics

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Linking to a Picture File (PowerPoint or Word)

Before you insert that picture into your document or slide presentation, consider this economical alternative: insert a link to the picture file instead of the picture file itself. The picture still appears, but the document or presentation file stays small, because the picture file isnít added to it. So long as you or anyone you share the document with can access the folder where the picture file is stored, thereís no need to create a copy of that file in the document. Hereís how to link a document or presentation file to a picture file:

  1. Select Picture from the Insert menu, then From File from the submenu.

  2. Find your picture file and select it.

  3. Do one of the following:

Remember that you canít do this if you need to share your document or presentation file with someone who doesnít have access to the folder where the picture file is located. In that case, embed the picture file instead.

(Posted 6/30/2000)