Working with Graphics

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Inserting WordArt (Excel, PowerPoint, or Word)

WordArt, introduced in Office 97, allows you to create eye-catching titles. Choose from a variety of styles and fill effects, including textures, to make your WordArt text interesting. Here’s how:

  1. Select Picture from the Insert menu, then WordArt from the submenu. 

  2. Choose the style you want from the WordArt Gallery; click OK

  3. Type your text; click OK. Your WordArt text appears as an inserted object in your worksheet, slide, or document. 

  4. Right-click the WordArt text and select Format WordArt from the shortcut menu. 

  5. If necessary, click the Colors and Lines tab. 

  6. Under Color, click the Fill drop-down list and select Fill Effects

  7. Click the Texture tab.

  8. Choose the texture you want from the gallery; click OK

  9. Click OK again to finish.

(Posted 6/9/2000)