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Working with Graphics
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The tips on this page apply equally to Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Working with the Drawing Toolbar


How to Tear an AutoShapes Palette Away (E/P/W) (Posted 6/9/2000) (Updated 04/11/2004)

Working with AutoShapes

Drawing AutoShapes


Clicking to Create Drawing Objects (E/P/W) (Posted 06/04/2000) (Updated 04/11/2004)


Creating Perfect Shapes (E/P/W) (Posted 08/04/2000) (Updated 04/10/2004)


Deleting a Text Box (E/P/W) (Posted 6/9/2000) (Updated 04/11/2004)


Drawing Lots of Shapes (E/P/W) (Posted 6/9/2000) (Updated 04/11/2004)


Drawing More than One of the Same Object (E/P/W) (Posted 6/30/2000) (Updated 04/10/2004)

Modifying AutoShapes


Adding Shadows to Graphic Objects (E/P/W) (Posted 07/09/2000) (Updated 04/11/2004)


Applying 3-D Effects (E/P/W) (Posted 6/30/2000) (Updated 04/11/2004)


Changing AutoShapes (E/P/W) (Posted 11/26/2000) (Updated 04/10/2004)


Changing the Colors of a 3-D AutoShape (E/P/W) (Posted 07/09/2000) (Updated 04/10/2004)

Moving, Sizing, and Grouping AutoShapes


Aligning Drawing Objects (E/P/W) (Posted 09/23/2000) (Updated 04/10/2004)


Changing the Size of a Group (E/P/W) (Posted 06/04/2000) (Updated 04/11/2004)


Grouping Drawing Objects (E/P/W) (Posted 06/04/2000) (Updated 04/11/2004)


Resizing Graphic Objects (E/P/W) (Posted 06/04/2000) (Updated 04/11/2004)


Resizing Objects from the Center (E/P/W) (Posted 12/10/2000) (Updated 04/10/2004)

Working with ClipArt


Accessing Clip Art Properties

Working with Pictures


Linking to a Picture File (P/W) (Posted 6/30/2000) (Updated 04/11/2004)


Preview a Picture Before You Insert It (E/P/W) (Posted 6/4/2000) (Updated 04/11/2004)


Resetting a Picture (E/P/W) (Posted 06/04/2000) (Updated 04/11/2004)

Working with WordArt


Applying a Gradient Fill in WordArt (E/P/W) (Posted 6/4/2000) (Updated 04/11/2004)


Inserting WordArt (E/P/W) (Posted 6/9/2000) (Updated 04/11/2004)

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